Franken Fran Frantic

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Franken Fran Frantic Manga Online Follow the amazingly horrific Fran Madaraki as she solves problems with science—more often than not, worsening the problem on an astronomical scale. Fran and her two sisters are results of Doctor Madaraki's experiments, who created them before his sudden disappearance. First he made the loose-canon Gavrill and second the deceptively small Veronica. Thanks to a knob on the side of her head, Gavrill is able to transform into a wolf-like monster with unparalleled strength and stamina, while Veronica contains an arsenal of weapons inside her, often acting as Fran's bodyguard. Doctor Madaraki's masterpiece, Fran, is a seemingly immortal doctor, knowledgeable in many fields and capable of operating on anyone⁠, including herself. Within this vast world, everyone has their own role, going from the simple policeman to Adorea, the monster who transports organs. Fran Madaraki is a multifaceted person: she may act nice while enacting a vicious plan, and⁠ she is much smarter than most realize. depicts scenes of gruesome visual violence, decapitation, and gore to play out a fleshy tale. [Written by MAL Rewrite] Read Manga Free, Read Manga Online, Manga Free, Read Anime"

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